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Apartment TurnsThe Make Ready Solution

Turning over apartment units can be extremely mentally exhausting for Property Managers and Maintenance Professionals alike. Most management company’s usually give a very small window of time, around five to seven days once possession has been handed back to the property. That’s not a lot of time to handle this enormous task! It might surprise you to learn but in practice, most properties actually take around 15 to a whooping 25 days to turn a unit! One of the largest delays Refresh has been able to identify is the grueling task of managing all those moving pieces between different contractors.

Refresh Companies was specifically designed to solve complex issues in the Make Ready process. We accomplish this by combining many services into one dedicated provider. Sure, I know what you’re thinking, other companies exist that have attempted or offer this but none of them really do it in a way that keeps quality, service and lead times where they need to be. We agree with you! What Refresh has done is different though! We are successful in maintaining the specialized skill levels in each service category by providing you dedicated service Owners that specialize in their service category. This gives you the same attention to detail you expect from an Owner but centralized through our Call Center, Refresh Operating System and Refresh Certification Programs so it’s even more efficient.

All of our systems and processes have been designed with Property Managers in mind. We make it very easy to book your standard Make Ready services with one company, we then coordinate your schedule and execute for you. Checking the statues of your work, looking up unit history, paying invoices and requesting new work, has never been easier with our ROS customer portal. No need to worry about if you’re getting skilled technicians either because Refresh requires all our technicians be certified through our training programs!

Let us turn your units faster, save your property money, reduce your stress levels and become the partner you deserve. Imagine how good you’ll look to company leadership when you increase rents collected by turning units faster then everyone else!

Make Ready, Made Easy!

One Call To Schedule It All!

Refresh wants to help your apartment community run more efficiently and free up all that time you spend managing your turn partners. By taking advantage of all the services Refresh offers, you minimize the number of calls and people to contact for both the initial schedule, as well as when those little delays pop up.

Our ProcessRefinishing, Painting, Janitorial, Carpet


Our Process

All you need to do is request the work via the online portal, email or over the phone. We then use our ROS system and industry experience to return a full make ready schedule of all services you requested. Once you approve, we are ready to get to work.


If Necessary

If we need additional information or the scope of work you submitted requires a personal inspection we will contact you to arrange an appointment with either a Field Supervisor or Account Manager to inspect the unit with you. This ensures we are all on the same page and we have accurate information to give you an true timeline for completion of all services.

Time To Work!

Make Ready Make Easy

You know the schedule and when each crew will be onsite. We complete the work, sticking to the strict timeline we outlined during the scheduling process. All technicians that get assigned on your project are specialized and certified in the area they are performing work.

You can even follow the progress in the ROS customer portal as services are completed!

Change Orders

Quick & Efficient

These should not be needed often but occasionally we run across changes to the scope of work or other delays in the process. These are handled very quickly and efficiently.

If something changes with your project, you will be notified right away and we will adjust the schedule for all upcoming Refresh services. This minimizes those annoying calls to move the the entire turn schedule around with other vendors.

Post Inspections

Quality Control Checks

Our managers perform random Post Inspections, also known as Quality Control Checks, to ensure our team is living up to Refresh’s high quality standards. This helps us ensure we are always offering you the best service possible and helps keep surprises to a minimum. We all know quality control surprises are never good!

Invoicing & Payments

Fast Invoicing!

Invoices are submitted individually for each service performed, usually within two business days from the date completed.

When it’s time to make a payment, we try to make it as simple as possible for you or your Accounts Payable department. Payments can be made through our ROS online portal via ACH or by mailing a check to our Accounts Receivable PO Box.

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